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The Societal and Ethical Impact of Becoming a Superhero: Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero? Many have. But would it be a good idea to become a superhero? It’s not just about using cool science
to give yourself superpowers. You need to think about how it will affect society and whether it’s ethically right. Find out more about the impact of superpowers.

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Dr. Barry Fitzgerald, also known as ‘The Superhero Scientist’, is fascinated by  science and the superhero genre.  

He is a physicist, the author of three popular science books (Secrets of  Superhero Science, Secret Science of Santa Claus, and How to Build an Iron Man  Suit), an energetic science communicator, podcaster, and a YouTuber with his  channel “The Superhero Scientist” where he shares videos on the science and  engineering of superheroes, Star Wars, and other topics.  

Barry has spoken around the world about science and superheroes at schools,  universities, science festivals, and companies. For instance, he spoke at  TEDxBerlin 2019 about “Being a Responsible Superhero”.  

He is the editor-in-chief of the Open Access journal Superhero Science +  Technology, and has published more than a dozen scientific research papers on  superheroes.  

Barry has seen the 2012 film The Avengers more than 80 times and his  superpower will remain a closely guarded secret.

Superhero Scientist Dr Barry Fitzgerald

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