Taste Your Limits Workshop – have you ever wondered why we eat the foods we do?
Join the "Taste your Limits" workshop at ATU to delve into the connection between nutrition and
sensory science. Explore taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight, and understand how they impact the
foods we eat. Led by ATU scientists, this interactive workshop offers a fun journey into the world of
nutrition and sensory perception.

Test Your Limits Workshop – Have you ever wondered how high? How fast? How strong?
Join the "Test Your Limits" workshop at ATU to measure your jump height, running speed, reflexes, and
muscle strength using cutting-edge equipment. Using state of the art testing equipment at the ATU human
performance lab, participants will gain insight into the incredible capabilities of the human body and
understand how our knowledge of sport & exercise science can be used to continue to push our limits!

For: Secondary School Science Teachers, Home Economics Teachers, PE Teachers

Location: ATU Galway, All Core Gym, H91 X75P
Date Time
13 th  November

6-8pm Available
(20 spaces)

Workshops of 2 groups of 10 people will run concurrently and then switch over

Bookings by email: [email protected]

Sport, Exercise and Nutrition for Secondary School Teachers

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