Fantastic DNA in a Box (FDIAB) is a one-hour hands-on science session where young people (4 th – 6 th  class, 1 st -3 rd  year) get the opportunity to do a real hands-on science experiment.
A science kit (the ‘box’) will be posted out to schools in advance of the session. The kit provides teachers with the resources and materials needed for their pupils to do the experiment in their
classrooms. Once the teacher has set up the classroom, two Cell EXPORERS explainers remotely facilitate the session online using Zoom, with the teacher providing on-site support to pupils.
Engaging with real scientists can help broaden children’s perceptions of what it means to be a scientist and promote the idea that science is for everyone.

The sessions will be delivered by both ATU Galway city and University of Galway Cell Explorers teams.

Cell Explorers is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

YouTube Video describing the workshop Click Here

Fantastic DNA in a Box virtual Schools workshop

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