Magical science & engineering show – a virtual experience with Scientific Sue

Enthusiastic, informative and interactive science shows delivered virtually – with pupil interactions built in!

We are surrounded by invisible forces which can be used to push and pull. Using these mystical properties Scientific Sue will show you how the ‘magical’ properties of magnets can be used to make items spin! Demonstrate how the science of spin can also be used to defy the pulling forces of gravity; and how electric forces can be used to ‘magically’ make things fly.

Magical spells will be used to make items fly, disappear and reappear! All of the activities will not only stimulate curiosity and imagination within your young audiences but will also highlight the relevance and impact of science and engineering on our everyday lives.

The Magical Science & Engineering Show: A scientific journey of magical discovery Sue’s wacky combination of science and drama makes this Educational Show both magical, entertaining, and thought provoking.

This show is about magical people, magical creatures and invisible magical forces. A Chief Wizard and their magical apprentices will be needed to help Scientific Sue find out the science and engineering behind many amazing illusions and magical tricks.

The most exciting part of our virtually led outreach experiences is the fact that the teacher (facilitator) is now in charge of the speed at which the show and class activities take place. They can stop and start the show video to check on student’s understanding and to carry out one of the experiments.

The video is about 80 minutes in length and has been split into 3 sections with the following key themes:

  • Part 1: Magic, Forces, Force Actions, Gravity, Centre of Mass
  • Class activity: Balancing Dragon
  • Part 2: Magic, Electric Forces, Magnetic Forces, Electromagnetism, Sound

There are multiple opportunities for the pupils to engage throughout the show… yes volunteers are still required!

Magical science & engineering show – a virtual experience with Scientific Sue

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