Come and join CÚRAM for a tour of their wonderful new SUPERHUMAN exhibit and a workshop with Jane McLoughlin at Galway City Museum.

SUPERHUMAN is the exciting new exhibit at the Galway City Museum- full of hands-on fun and interactive elements, it invites you to explore the creativity and innovation of medtech research- seeking to find solutions for human illnesses.  Led by the education team from CÚRAM, the exhibit developers, this hour-long workshop will give students an opportunity to visit the exhibit while taking part in a lively workshop that challenges them to come up with creative solutions to help people living with an illness. Can you invent the medtech solution of the future?
Join Science Educator Jane McLoughlin in our beautiful Galway Museum to discover the fascinating world of the human body and beyond with some fun and educational experiments for primary students. From simulating sneezes to exploring unique fingerprints and mind-boggling optical illusions, these hands-on activities not only spark curiosity about our bodies but also encourage creativity and critical thinking about our ever-changing world. Explore the wonders of science and the role of human ingenuity in shaping our future in a number of engaging experiments.
Suitable for a class of primary school students from 1st to 6th class for a 30 minute exploration of the museum’s med-tech exhibition and a 30 minute practical hands-on workshop.
To book a place for your class phone 091 532460 after Tuesday 10th October

Visit CÚRAM Exhibit & Workshop with Jane McLoughlin at Galway City Museum

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