Secondary School Shows and Workshops

There are a range of inperson shows and workshops for Secondary schools. Every year the demand is great but we unfortunately cannot get to every school. We do have a limited number of Sue McGrath Science Kits that will be sent to schools for teachers to do in the classroom with supporting video material from Sue.

Exhibition space: Please complete this booking form if you are requesting a stand at the Exhibition Day at University of Galway on Sunday 12th November, 2023.


Sport, Exercise and Nutrition for Secondary School Teachers

Sport, Exercise and Nutrition for Secondary School Teachers

Taste Your Limits Workshop – have you ever wondered why we eat the foods we do?
Join the "Taste your Limits" workshop at ATU to delve into the connection between nutrition and
sensory science. Explore taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight, and understand how they impact the
foods we eat. Led by ATU scientists, this interactive workshop offers a fun journey into the world of
nutrition and sensory perception.

Test Your Limits Workshop – Have you ever wondered how high? How fast? How strong?
Join the "Test Your Limits" workshop at ATU to measure your jump height, running speed, reflexes, and
muscle strength using cutting-edge equipment. Using state of the art testing equipment at the ATU human
performance lab, participants will gain insight into the incredible capabilities of the human body and
understand how our knowledge of sport & exercise science can be used to continue to push our limits!

For: Secondary School Science Teachers, Home Economics Teachers, PE Teachers

Location: ATU Galway, All Core Gym, H91 X75P
Date Time
13 th  November

6-8pm Available
(20 spaces)

Workshops of 2 groups of 10 people will run concurrently and then switch over

Bookings by email: [email protected]

Our Place in Space: A cosmic journey in 3D

Our Place in Space: A cosmic journey in 3D

Our Place in Space: A cosmic journey in 3D
As we look to the night sky we imagine what lies beyond our protective blanket of the atmosphere. We sometimes glimpse visitors from beyond as shooting stars as they burn up in the atmosphere above. We
may witness the night sky light up in a cosmic dance with the beautiful Northern Lights. There is even the possibility to gaze upon ancient distant travelers as comets as they pass by us on their own journey
around our star, The Sun. Through telescopes we gaze out into the universe and travel through space and time. Our scientific endeavours and exploration of space through robotic spacecraft have uncovered
incredible vistas and secrets yet to be explained.
This presentation will take you on a journey through space and time and highlight some of the amazing discoveries we have made about our own Solar System and out into interstellar space and the universe

To book, please complete the booking form

Galway City Youth Climate Assembly 2023

Galway City Youth Climate Assembly 2023

The primary aim of the Galway Youth Climate Assembly is to increase youth awareness of and participation in decision-making in relation to climate action policies. All secondary
schools in Galway City as well as Oranmore will be participating.  Last year’s event, held as part of the Galway Science and Technology Festival, was the first assembly of its kind to be organised at a local level in Ireland. Its success encouraged other parts of the country to follow suit.

The Youth Assembly provides a space for young people from our city’s secondary schools to gather together on the issue that is increasingly impacting on the lives of all lifeforms on the
planet where they will be introduced to policies, processes and products being undertaken in Galway-in line with the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals to tackle the Climate and the
Biodiversity Crises- by local stakeholders ranging from world class scientific research centres to grassroots projects; to give them opportunities to be involved in initiating positive change
through their own school and/or youth/community group; and to help them in having their voices heard in the expectation that it will influence local and national government policies.
At the Assembly there will be a panel of experts that will be available to answer questions from the young participants.

There will also be an exhibition space where students from both universities (as well as Galway environmental education/business/community projects) will showcase research
projects in the areas of Climate, Biodiversity and Sustainability.  The decisions, which are made at national and local level now, are going to greatly impact
on young people’s future. Therefore it is important that their ideas and suggestions are taken into consideration when climate strategies are being adopted and implemented.
The Assembly is being co-organized by SAUTI-Youth project, Galway National Park City initiative, the University of Galway, the Atlantic Technology University, the Students’ Union
of the University of Galway and the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

In parallel with the youth assembly Duncan Stewart, the renowned environmentalist, and Dr. Anne Dolan, coordinator of the M.Ed in Education for Sustainability and Global
Citizenship at the Mary Immaculate College in Limerick as well as author of a number of educational books including ‘Teaching Climate Change for Primary Schools’, will host a
separate morning event for secondary school teachers.

Cell Explorers Escape Room

Cell Explorers Escape Room

The first few patients of a new viral disease need to be identified to avoid spread of the virus and a new lockdown! Dr Burke’s files have the needed information, but they are locked away in
her laboratory while she is at a World Ministry for Health conference in Geneva. You will be part of the team running experiments and solving puzzles to try to find their identities. By looking for clues,
using your brain, solving puzzles, and working as a team, you will discover who they are and prevent the next outbreak in the country!


  • Time: Tuesday-Friday
    o Start Time to be determined with teachers according to school location.
    o 1 visit includes 2 runs of the escape room.
    o Each run needs: 10 minute introduction, and up to 60 minutes to escape the room. 30 minutes required to reset between 2 runs.
  • Space requirement: One classroom/science lab with water, projector, and power sockets

Youtube short teaser clip: Click Here


Fantastic DNA in a Box virtual Schools workshop

Fantastic DNA in a Box virtual Schools workshop

Fantastic DNA in a Box (FDIAB) is a one-hour hands-on science session where young people (4 th – 6 th  class, 1 st -3 rd  year) get the opportunity to do a real hands-on science experiment.
A science kit (the ‘box’) will be posted out to schools in advance of the session. The kit provides teachers with the resources and materials needed for their pupils to do the experiment in their
classrooms. Once the teacher has set up the classroom, two Cell EXPORERS explainers remotely facilitate the session online using Zoom, with the teacher providing on-site support to pupils.
Engaging with real scientists can help broaden children’s perceptions of what it means to be a scientist and promote the idea that science is for everyone.

The sessions will be delivered by both ATU Galway city and University of Galway Cell Explorers teams.

Cell Explorers is funded by Science Foundation Ireland.

YouTube Video describing the workshop Click Here

Science Ireland with Declan Holmes

Science Ireland with Declan Holmes

Join Declan Holmes for fun hands on science show to get the students excited about science as they fly planes, launch rockets, make waves and play music with boomwhackers on their heads. The science show covers topics such as heat, pressure, motion, flight, rockets, sound and musical instruments.


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The Bug Doctor – Dr Michel Dugon

The Bug Doctor – Dr Michel Dugon

Dr Michel Dugon I am a zoologist specialist of the evolution and development of venom systems, predation strategies and prey detection in venomous invertebrates. I am currently investigating a range of related topics including the morphology and development of spider venom glands and the potential of arthropod venom as a novel source of antimicrobial compounds for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Bug Doctor will visit your school with his amazing aray of spiders, snakes and snails and introduce the students to these wonderful creatures and teach them about how they survive and thrive in their environment.

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Superhero Scientist Dr Barry Fitzgerald

Superhero Scientist Dr Barry Fitzgerald

Talk and presentation details:

The Societal and Ethical Impact of Becoming a Superhero: Have you ever dreamed of becoming a superhero? Many have. But would it be a good idea to become a superhero? It’s not just about using cool science
to give yourself superpowers. You need to think about how it will affect society and whether it’s ethically right. Find out more about the impact of superpowers.

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Dr. Barry Fitzgerald, also known as ‘The Superhero Scientist’, is fascinated by  science and the superhero genre.  

He is a physicist, the author of three popular science books (Secrets of  Superhero Science, Secret Science of Santa Claus, and How to Build an Iron Man  Suit), an energetic science communicator, podcaster, and a YouTuber with his  channel “The Superhero Scientist” where he shares videos on the science and  engineering of superheroes, Star Wars, and other topics.  

Barry has spoken around the world about science and superheroes at schools,  universities, science festivals, and companies. For instance, he spoke at  TEDxBerlin 2019 about “Being a Responsible Superhero”.  

He is the editor-in-chief of the Open Access journal Superhero Science +  Technology, and has published more than a dozen scientific research papers on  superheroes.  

Barry has seen the 2012 film The Avengers more than 80 times and his  superpower will remain a closely guarded secret.

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