The Scientific Dilemmas of Dippy the Dinosaur

by Sue McGrath.

Join Scientific Sue on yet another ROAR-some journey of scientific discovery!

Learn about how Paleontologists, the intrepid explorers of unchartered territories, discover fossils of prehistoric proportions and then use them to unravel the puzzles surrounding the lives of dinosaurs.  This unique, educational and entertaining show investigates and explores some mind-boggling dilemmas of the magnificent sauropod: DIPLODOCUS.

What is so special about their tails?

How did they digest the huge amount of plant food required to feed their humongous bodies?

Why are so many fossilised sauropods unearthed headless?!

A fun informative show for all filled with brilliant science. Promoting the concept of working scientifically these questions and many, many more. Come and join her on her latest journey of scientific discover and find out about the amazing science fossils and the importance of the environment to plants and animals.


School Hall


50 mins


Junior Level secondary school students


Groups of 150