The Future of Work - Where will the jobs be & What will the workplace look like?

For over twenty years we have been told that robots will replace jobs – this is certainly happening but over the last two and a half years we have seen the workplace environment change dramatically. While the physical space still exists, the overall idea of what a workplace is and what it is for, is being reimagined.At this very special talk, Peter Cosgrove of FutureWise, will talk about his extensive research on the Future of Work, where the jobs will be and what they will be.

Peter will be joined on the night by Keith Griffin, Distinguished Engineer and Site Lead at Cisco Galway who will talk about hybrid working, now and into the future.

This is a highly informative talk that is a must for anyone thinking of their current career, their future career and what the future of work & the workplace will look like!

Peter Cosgrove

Where will the jobs be?

Peter is Managing Director of Futurewise and is an expert on future trends and a much sought-after speaker and adviser on the future of work. At this important discussion you will learn about how, in the future, careers will change significantly, jobs for life will be rare and upskilling will be vital to career advancement.

The Focus will be on the importance of soft skills such as persuasion, the power of influence and the importance of using empathy and humour in your work. Peter will examine the workplace of the future and highlight the jobs, which can never be stolen by robots, emphasising the role that technology plays in shaping our future and the importance of STEM skills for all types of jobs.

The Research Team

Futurewise has collated a global team of researchers to connect with experts from around the world to help deliver up to date research and trends and prepare speeches. These freelancers live in the new world of work and are able to rapidly analyse emerging trends and deliver prescient real time trends. These freelancers work in conjunction with qualitative research on trends and forecasts.

We were delighted with a recent keynote address that Peter gave at UCD on the future of work and careers. The feedback has been incredible. Those attending the event said his talk was motivational, inspirational, educational and grounding. We would highly recommend him as an engaging speaker on the future of work. Ger Lardner – UCD Careers

 The Public Relations Institute of Ireland invited Peter to speak on the future of work, and teams, post-pandemic, and specifically in the professional services sector. Peter’s presentation did all that and more and left the audience with things to think about and things to do – exactly what every conference wishes to achieve. It is my pleasure to recommend Peter and Futurewise. Martina Byrne CEO PRII

Mr Keith Griffin, Distinguished Engineer and Site Lead, Cisco Galway

The hybrid workplace is here to stay!

A successful hybrid model needs to create a balance between workers at home, in the office and in-between, organisations must evolve their traditional modes of operations to survive and thrive in this new era of work. We cannot waste this opportunity, let’s not forget what is at stake.

Keith will share with you:

  • how Cisco has navigated the hybrid workplace, with some powerful competitive advantages making Cisco the World’s Best Workplace.
  • how this new model enhances the workplace with technology, creating an environment where employees everywhere have meaningful interactions.
  • how hybrid working increases access to global opportunities.
  • how a redesigned workplace can provide a new people-centric approach.






O'Flaherty Theatre, University of Galway


One hour



Tickets are €5 – Click Here to Book