The Fionn project 2002–2005

When child-centric Science filming began in Irish Schools

In 2002, the Galway Education Centre rolled out the ‘Fionn’ project to 35 Galway schools, a government-funded programme to prepare teachers for the introduction of science into the Irish primary curriculum in 2004. Each participating school was provided with a laptop, a high speed (ISDN) Internet line, movie equipment and movie production training in order to make a series of child-centric videos every year for four years related to science and technology but taking in other aspects of the school curriculum such as languages, music, history, geography and art. Fionn spawned the first generation of children and teachers able to produce their very own films which became a very attraction at the annual Science Fair of the Galway Science and Technology Festival from 2002 until the programme ended in 2005.

A different Fionn video from the 2002-2005 period, will be unveiled on each day of this year’s festival.

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