Sustainability Course for Transition Year Students

A new Transition Year course on sustainability and conservation, developed by a multi-sectoral team of experts of teachers, ecologists, technologists that includes media presenter and environmentalist Duncan Stewart and which was coordinated by the Corrib BEO partnership, will commence at 7pm in the Galway Education Centre on November 18th.

The course for second-level teachers comprises a series of modules on topics such as the Science of Climate Change, Biodiversity Value and Evolution, Transport, Air Pollution and the Circular Economy.
There is no doubt that there is an increasing awareness that sustainability is key to the long term survival of all species on the planet. Teenagers all over the world have over the last year demonstrated their concern at the crisis that is unfolding.

So it is therefore imperative that ‘sustainability’ becomes a core element of the education system within the near future in order to empower our young generation with the necessary scientific knowledge to facilitate an efficient transition to a sustainable world.






Galway Education Centre, Monivea Road, Galway


Second-level principals and teachers