Rewilding Lough Atalia

One Planting, One Ocean, One World

In the biggest rewilding project since Terryland Forest Park was created in 2000, the lands along Lough Atalia are being transformed from pasture for livestock into wetlands, wildflower meadows and native woods.

As part of the Galway Science and Technology Festival and supported by the Galway National Park City initiative, Galway Community College is coordinating a community and schools planting of bulbs and trees on the morning of Saturday November 27th in the fields surrounding the southern (Renmore) side of Lough Atalia.

Nearly 1000 trees are being provided by Aerogen and the Dominican College. Self-Help Africa is donating 100 trees for the creation of a special wood at this site on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean with the theme of One Planting, One Ocean, One World as it will coincide with tree plantings taken place along the Atlantic coast of Africa commencing in November and into December.

The new meadows will be planted with thousands of wildflower bulbs supplied by Healthy Galway-funded Let’s Get Growing programme of the Galway City Partnership.

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