Fantastic DNA at Home

Discover DNA, the instruction book found in all living things!

Work like a molecular biologist and extract DNA from cells in your kitchen with everyday life items. Children will work with the support of their parents and the Cell EXPLORERS team! Participants prepare DNA from banana cells in their kitchen assisted by scientist explainers during a secure zoom meeting.

Pre-requisite: a checklist of the necessary items is posted below.  All participants will receive a small kit from Galway Science and Technology Festival guaranteeing the success of the experiment. The kit contains hand sanitisers that contains 80% ethanol and no gelling agents.  

Get Organised: The 40 first Participants who send a picture of what is needed for the experiment will win a place in the workshop and receive the Fantastic DNA goodie bag. They will prepare DNA from banana cells assisted by several scientist explainers. Participants who have registered online will be provided with a secure Zoom link to meet the Cell Explorers explainers in their laboratories. Participants will carry on the Banana DNA extraction under the guidance of the Cell Explorers Explainer.

Equipment needed: 2 Small Glasses (~200ml), 1 x Teaspoon Salt, 100ml Water, 1 x Teaspoon, Liquid Soap Quarter of a Banana Kitchen Roll (or J-Cloth), 1 Uncooked Spaghetti Strand (or toothpick), and from Cell explorers hand sanitisers without gel and with 80% ethanol posted to you by the GSTF. 




1pm - 2.30pm


By video call - details to be posted


30 mins


All ages