Indoor air, a friend or a foe? NUI Galway workshop

The average European spends upwards of 70% of their time indoors and so indoor air quality plays an important role in human health. In this workshop, students will learn about indoor pollutants and sources and will get a chance to measure concentrations of one common pollutant, CO2 in their classroom.

In the workshop, students will be introduced to exposure science and the role of the exposure scientist in measuring occupational and environmental exposure to some common pollutants found indoors.

After a brief introduction to indoor air pollution and some common sources and measurement techniques, students will assist in setting up instrumentation in the class room to measure carbon dioxide over a 24 hour period. (it will also be highlighted that the instrument used in the workshop is also capable of measuring other pollutants such total volatile organic carbon and carbon monoxide, which will have been covered in the introductory lecture). Students will design a diary for collecting contextual information over the measurement period which will then be used later to analyse and interpret the indoor CO2 concentrations. Students will create graphical representations of their data and use the contextual information collected in their diaries to interpret and comment on the data collected.


11th & 12th November

18th & 19th November


2 hours over 2 days


School based


2 hours


1st Year to Transition Year


20 students per session

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