Galway Youth Climate Assembly 2022

The primary aim of Ireland’s first local Youth Climate Assembly is to increase youth awareness of and participation in decision making in relation to climate action policies.

It will provide a space for young people from our city’s secondary schools and youth organisations to gather together on the issue that is increasingly impacting on the lives of all lifeforms on the planet where they will be introduced to policies, processes and products being undertaken in Galway-in line with the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals to tackle the Climate and the Biodiversity Crises- by local stakeholders ranging from world class scientific research centres, to renowned institutions and corporations, to health professionals to local neighbourhood projects; to give them opportunities to be involved in initiating positive change through their own school and/or youth/community group; and to help them in having their voices heard in the expectation that it will influence and shape local and national government policies.

At the Assembly there will be a panel of experts that will be available to answer questions from the young participants with proceedings chaired by renowned environmentalist Duncan Stewart.

There will also be an exhibition space where students from both universities (as well as some flagship business/community projects) will showcase research projects in the areas of Climate, Biodiversity and Sustainability (e.g. energy, smart technologies).

The decisions, which are made at national and local level now, are going to greatly impact on young people’s future. Therefore it is so important that their ideas and suggestions are taken into consideration when climate strategies are being adopted and implemented.

The Assembly is being co-organised by SAUTI-Youth project (Youth Work Ireland Galway), the Galway Science and Technology Festival, the University of Galway, the Atlantic Technology University, the Galway Education Centre, the Students’ Union of the University of Galway and the Galway National Park City initiative.

For further information: Brendan Smith at




9.30am - 3pm


Bailey Allen Hall, University of Galway


School Day


Second Level Students