Galway City Museum Workshop and Tour

WORKSHOP: Rocket Power with Toodlelou

What gives a rocket its incredible power? Can a rocket be powered by just one person? How high can a DIY rocket soar? Join science educator Lindsay Deely of Toodlelou to explore the answers to these questions in this hands-on STEAM workshop for children and parents. In conjunction with the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

Suitable for ages 5 to 10 (with parents/guardians)

Saturday 23 November, 11am to 11.30am, 11.45am to 12.15pm & 12.30pm to 1pm

WORKSHOP: Mission to Mars – Operation Green Fingers

NASA is currently looking into the possibility of humans living in space. You are an astrobiologist who has been given the job of creating new crops to grow on other planets. By learning about conditions on Mars, and life adaptions to extreme environments, you will design plants that can live outside of Earth! In conjunction with Cell Explorers and the Galway Science and Technology Festival.

Suitable for ages 8 to 14 (parents/guardians to accompany younger participants)
Places are limited, so advance booking should be made by calling the Museum on (091) 532460. Free to attend.




11am to 11.45am & 12pm to 12.45pm