Fantastic DNA at home with Cell Explorers and EpiSeedLink Scientists

Work like a modern biologist in your home and extract DNA from cells that make up all living things, with both scientific small equipment and everyday life items.

Children will work with the support of their parents/Guardian and the Cell EXPLORERS team!

This session will be run by Cell Explorers scientists based in different location in Europe and part of the EpiSeedLink Research Training Network.

Participants prepare DNA from banana cells assisted by scientist explainers during a secure zoom meeting. The activity will be run in small breakout rooms and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions to the scientists present. No Science background necessary to attend the event. The Cell Explorers online code of behaviour will apply during all sessions and emailed to all those who register.

  • Suitable : For all, from 10+. Children must be under the supervision of an adult. Suitable for children between 7 and 9 if adult helper is present.
  • Tickets: One ticket per family. Sales close on 14th of November, 11am.
  • Pre-requisite: Registered participant who have entered a valid postal address (including Eircode) will be sent a checklist of the necessary items. They will also receive a small science kit guaranteeing the success of the experiment. The kit includes hand sanitiser that contains 80% ethanol and no gelling agents. You MUST include the Eircode in your registration or you will not be sent the kit.
  • Organisation: Participants who have registered online will be provided with a secure Zoom link to meet the Cell Explorers explainers in their laboratories. Participants will carry on the Banana DNA extraction under the guidance of the Cell Explorers Explainer.

Date:  21st November

Time:  6pm

Cost:  free

To book complete the booking form

What others said about the workshops:

    • ‘Interesting and worthwhile, real science in action!’ 
    • “Fantastic for inquisitive children. Very well structured, well organized and well run.’
    • ‘My son loved the live experiment. The live experience kept him engaged the whole way through. It was far more engaging than watching and following a pre-recorded video. He enjoyed seeing the other kids taking part, being involved in the poll and asking questions. Thank you to everyone involved!’ 

Cell Explorers is funded by Science Foundation Ireland, EpiSeedLink is funded by the European Union



Fantastic DNA at home with Cell Explorers and EpiSeedLink Scientists

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