Extinction, Celtic Tree Alphabet & Nature Walk with Gordon D’Arcy

Enjoy a guided Nature Walk with renowned ecologist Gordon D’Arcy in Terryland Forest Park. The event will take participants through an area of the city where woods, waterways, wetlands and meadows have become home to an amazing variety of wildlife that includes orchids, bees, butterflies, moths, red squirrels, hares, bats, foxes, hedgehogs, voles, raptors, owls, pheasants and kingfishers. The tour will include new sculpture trails, that form part of an Outdoor Classroom initiative, which are devoted to the ancient Celtic Ogham script (often referred to as the Tree Alphabet) and to animals that lived in Galway in former times until driven to extinction by mankind such as the bear, wolf and wild boar.      




Schools 9.30am - 11pm Public & Communities 1pm - 3pm


Terryland River bridge (beside the Nox Hotel in Liosbaun Industrial Estate)


2 hours

To book email nationalparkcitygalway@gmail.com