Dr. How’s ‘Science Wows’

Dr. How’s ‘Science Wows’ – The Eccentric Energy Show

The Eccentric Energy Show is as eccentric and amazing as it sounds! There will be balls shooting, sticks leaping, fireworks popping, and toilet rolls flying all over the place!

You’ll see things you never thought were possible, but it’s not magic… its SCIENCE!

This is an interactive show, keen to get the audience as hands-on as possible while they learn about different types of energy, what wacky things we can do with them, and how they’re transferred. There is also a strong emphasis on renewable energy, with purpose-built experiments and challenges included in the workshop.

And, to finish it all off you can watch Dr. How set her custom-built Eccentric Energy Machine in motion and see how many different types of energy will be used to pop one single balloon.


School Hall


45 mins


All ages


100 students per show