The Science of Black Panther Cinema Talk by Dr Barry Fitzgerald

Cinema Evening Talk

Title: The Science of Black Panther

In this cinematic talk, Dr. Barry Fitzgerald (The Superhero Scientist) will introduce you to some of the spectacular science behind Black Panther.

In the world of superheroes, Wakanda is an African nation home to advanced technologies beyond anything else in the world.
Key to these technologies is the material vibranium – a metal with unique properties in terms of energy storage and strength. Wakandan scientists led by Shuri have used the metal to build advanced healthcare facilities, ultra-fast and safe transport systems, and unique visual devices.  What’s more, the same metal has been used to create the iconic Black Panther suit – a superhero suit that gives the wearer increased strength and protection, and the suit can absorb energy to be released sometime later.

In The Science of Black Panther, you’ll hear about the real science behind the technologies of Wakanda, in particular the Black Panther suit.
Could we ever build a real Black Panther suit?  Find out in The Science of Black Panther!

And afterwards you’ll get the chance to enjoy the 2022 film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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The Eye Cinema


3 hours 15 mins



Tickets €5 click Here to book.