Creating our Future, Reimagining our City

A Gathering of students from Galway city’s secondary schools to discuss a Reimagining of Galway city.

On November 19th, students from secondary schools across Galway will meet online to discuss a survey of teenagers’ views of nature’s place within the city’s physical infrastructure, in the lives of its population and what they hope for in the future.

This survey was compiled by the students of Galway Community College as part of their involvement in the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme which focuses on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life. As part of a collaboration with students from cities in Spain and Croatia, their particular project is on documenting and tackling biodiversity loss in their respective urban environments. Participants are sharing ideas and corrective actions that they have undertaken such as reducing habitat loss, rewilding, planting, and promoting educational initiatives as ways to support biodiversity in urban areas. The Galway students are based in Galicia from October 30th until November 6th in order to carry out joint environmental field studies and review their project work with their young European partners.


The Galway students will share their findings at an online forum on November 19th entitled “Creating our Future reimagining our Cities” in conjunction with the Galway National Park City initiative as part of the Galway Science and Technology Festival. The event will be hosted by renowned environmentalist Duncan Stewart with representatives from each of the city’s secondary schools having the opportunity to discuss the hopes they have for Galway City into the future.

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1 hour


Second Level Students