AI for All: Demystifying the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Join us for a fascinating event on various applications of Artificial Intelligence with experts in the field.

Speaker and MC, Professor Edward Curry, from University of Galway and Insight/DSI

Title: AI101: Why all the Hype?

Speaker: Dr. James McDermott of the School of Computer Science

Title: Generative AI and Music

In this talk James will describe how AI is being used to analyse and learn from music, and to generate new music, including examples from Irish traditional music. He’ll use this as a jumping-off point to also discuss some of the central points of controversy and different lines of new research in the field of AI.

Speaker: Dr. Niamh Hynes, Galway Clinic

Title: AI to Empower Cardiovascular Imaging Diagnostics and Enhance Patient Care

Dr Niamh Hynes is a vascular surgeon with advanced fellowship training in aortic surgery. She operates at the Galway Clinic and undertakes research at the University of Galway. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the delivery of healthcare and medical diagnostics. Existing data and images and with the help of AI are being used to build tools that can not only make healthcare provision exponentiality more efficient but also lifesaving. In this talk Dr Hynes will discuss a project she is working which is run by the Insight SFI Centre for Data analytics and CURAM SFI centre for Medical devices on aortic disease.

Speaker: Dr. Heike Felzmann, School of Humanities, University of Galway

Title: The unpredictable impact of AI on society, focusing on responsibility and creativity.

Speaker: Mr. Rory Ward, B.Eng

Title: Automatic Video Colourisation’.

Have you ever watched a classic film or family video in black-and-white and imagined what it would look like in vibrant and realistic colours? With technological advancements, this vision is steadily becoming a reality. In this talk, Rory will explore the what, the how, and the why of transforming monochromatic videos into colourful masterpieces.

The event will Followed by a short Q&A with the speakers.

Arrive early to enjoy an AR/VR Interactive Experience available in the lobby from 6-7pm.

Date:  Thursday 16th November, 2023

Time: 7 – 9pm (arrive early for the AR/VR Interactive Experience)

Cost: €10

AI for All: Demystifying the Power of Artificial Intelligence

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